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Even though Anantham silks was started in 1990, it is considered as the PARENT COMPANY in the industry. For several generation they are into the handloom process. So this company is one of the experienced firm in textiles and they have kept a unique place for them. This Parent company has evolved in Virudhunagar district and also in ramachandrapuram village. They have come up with handloom process for years in the above mentioned villages. Specifically they produced lots of Kadhar type of clothes with the help of experienced peoples. Following this, they started for private sales of their products, along with the whole sale production system. Thereafter they continued in selling all types of clothes even in head post office of Ramanathapuram district in the name of Anantham textiles. The entire products they produced by them came into the hands of sales. Moving forward, Anantham textiles came up with an idea of retail sales and they named as Anantham silk Centre. After there was a huge production and sales in Anantham silks, they emerged as the top selling and a famous shop in ramanathapuram and kumbakonam . They became very famous and a developed silk Centre by selling the handloom products, wholesale process, and retail selling process and in exports as well. They gained the overall success in selling the products by various methods.

Anantham Silks has been a popular and highly successful company that particularly excelled in the handloom process. They have been dominating this category for over 3 generations and show no signs of slowing down. They have displayed their silks to the entire world - showing off the process they use and the superior quality that they create. Not to be outmatched by their competitors, they continue to push further to create the best possible product that they can. They have been able to provide their customers with silks that they can be proud of which is why they have so many satisfied clients from all over the world.

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Anantham Silks

Anantham Silks Company was started in the month of February 1990. This was initiated by Deiva Thiru P. Sankaramoorthy Moopanaar in 21 D head post office area. They were one of the very famous and well developed retail sell cloth merchant company in Ramnadhapuram cities, including the surrounding areas of it. In spite of this, they made a whole sell process in many of the districts and other parts as well. As many of the retail shop owners requested for their products to sell, they supplied the clothes in a small scale division and emerged with huge profit. The customers from all areas are attracted towards the retail selling shops because of the reduced price, good quality, huge varieties of collection and caring way of the sellers to the customers. These factors made Anantham silks as top selling company in Ramanadhapuram district. Moving forward in 1998, they underwent with the new retail division. As they earned the respectable name around the areas, they ended up in setting up a magnificent retail area in the year 2003. They placed the retail showroom in No.33 Agraharam Road, Ramanadhapuram . By their decent quality of products, inordinate ideas of selling method and trust worthy service, they gained the ISO 9001 -2000 certified from the government. For their uncontaminated quality of silk production, the central government has given the Silk Mark certificate to Anantham silks. From the first day they stepped in as the company to Ramanadhapuram, they have received a good name and considered as the topmost and genuine retail firm.

Anantham silks made their presence known in Kumbakonam in 2013. Their expansion also included the cities of Thiruvaroor, Thiruchi, Tanjore and Nagapatinam. Thiru P. SankaraMoorthy Moopanar spoke about their expansion over the years. How they have been able to expand into different cities with new branches all over the country. Today, they are turning their focus on continued expansion, adding to their product line and maintaining the highest quality product they can produce. In this effort to continue their expansion, they are now entering the online space with this website.


""I am big fan of Anantham Silks sarees.I have about 30 sarees of Anantham Silks collections.Recent collections for diwali in anantham silks are stunning.I am not only impressed by the quality of the products but most of all the service levels and assistance in regards to all my queries. Thank you very much.""


""Anantham Silks online shopping experience was very pleasant . The saree appeared better in real than in the photo on the website. Keep up the good work!."Very happy with their service. Looking forward to shopping more in the near future""